You are the moon

that breaks the night for which i have to howl


When The Avengers came out I wanted Clint and Natasha to be secret!married so bad, but now after The Winter Soldier I want it even more because Steve finds out and then his first thought is oh my god I kissed a married woman and he doesn’t know whether or not to confess because it was work-related but his conscience is eating away at him and finally he gives in but then he just can’t because Clint’s laughing so damn hard he can’t even hear himself speaking.

Sansa, your mother would want you to carry on. You know its true.


what if age of ultron is like introducing wanda and pietro and it’s like

"the maximoff twins are mu[cut to another scene]"

and then later there’s a fighting and someone goes

"oh god she’s a m[LOUD EXPLOSIONS]"

and then in the aftermath someone’s like

"so you guys are [CAR HORN]ts huh?"

and it just keeps going through the whole movie

Jackson Whittemore is really Jackson Hale and no one can tell me otherwise. I know Colton left for Arrow and it’s still unknown if he will ever return, but this shit right here, this is canon. It was never explained how Derek’s claws, a beta’s claws, could trigger dreams/memories inside Jackson. It was never explained why Peter’s touch made Jackson’s wound glow. It was never explained why Jackson had such a connection to the Hales and the Hale house, and it wasn’t just because he wanted to get bitten so badly. There was something there that cannot be explained in another way, that was supposed to build up to the truth about Jackson’s real family. I don’t care what kind of poor Malia storyline Jeff came up with, I also don’t want to blame him since it was Colton’s decision to leave, but to me, Jackson will always be canonly the real Hale offspring, Peter Hale’s son.



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but really, if you wanted to, you could interpret the ending of chapter 28 that way. That the reason Logan goes into shock/panic isn’t because Julian’s heart had stopped earlier, but because Carmen told him that Julian had woken up but he was suffering from momentary memory loss.

I actually had that thought while reading the fic and oh man it would be heartbreaking

I choose to think of that as too cruel even for CP, because if I don’t I might seriously go insane…

but just, can you imagine logan trying to make julian remember him by telling him little stories about trips they made together, holidays they spend together, studying for school together, and without him really intending it, ever story logan tells julian gets a little more personal, with logan describing habits of julian like how he’d be able to sleep ANYWHERE and how he’d wrinkle his nose when he was reading really focused or how julian would always complain about that one spot right above his navel that would not tan even if he spent hours in the sun, how julian would say it was a disadvantage in showbiz because it ruined his perfect complexion when in all honesty logan thought it was kinda the opposite, and fans would jump over themselves if they knew about it because fans loved adorable stuff like that and —-

basically I’m thinking about logan rambling on about julian like a lovesick dork with julian being able to hear it and it’s making me feel all kinds of happy emotions

Yeah lets not go there because I will cry

i used to laugh at people who told me about how they were so busy they forgot to eat all day but it’s now 7pm and i’ve seriously forgotten to eat today how is that even possible?

make me choose

↳ witchofthekorcari asked youarianne martell or myrcella baratheon?


there’s this gorgeous, beautiful, amazing apartment that i want so bad i could seriously break down in tears right here, right now


synnatural - Sterek + Laura Marling//Night Terrors

I woke up and he was screaming. I’d left him dreaming. I roll over and shake him tightly, and whisper “If they want you, then they’re gonna have to fight me,”